Exploring Iloilo: Your Guide to the Best Rental Properties in the City

Welcome to Iloilo City, a captivating destination known for its rich culture, warm hospitality, and stunning attractions. Whether you're planning a visit or considering making this vibrant city your home, finding the perfect rental property is key to ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the best rental properties Iloilo has to offer, while highlighting some of the most popular places that make this city truly special.


Getting to Know Iloilo

Iloilo City is a captivating destination that offers a wealth of attractions to explore. Here are some popular sightseeing spots that you shouldn't miss:

Calle Real: Take a stroll along Calle Real, the historic street lined with charming heritage houses, boutique shops, and local eateries. Immerse yourself in the city's rich architectural heritage and vibrant atmosphere.

Molo Church: Visit the stunning Molo Church, known for its Gothic architecture and remarkable feminist-themed religious art. This iconic church is a must-visit for its historical significance and unique beauty.

Molo Church Iloilo City

Jaro Cathedral: Discover the Jaro Cathedral, one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. Marvel at its intricate architecture, climb the bell tower for breathtaking views of the city, and pay homage to the revered image of Our Lady of the Candles.


Plaza Libertad: Spend time at Plaza Libertad, a bustling square in the heart of Iloilo City. Enjoy the vibrant ambiance, watch local performances, and take in the impressive statue of Graciano López Jaena, a Filipino writer and national hero.

Plaza Libertad Iloilo City

Esplanade: Take a leisurely walk or bike ride along the scenic Iloilo Esplanade, a picturesque waterfront promenade that stretches along the Iloilo River. Enjoy the refreshing breeze, admire the beautiful sunset views, and take part in various recreational activities.

Esplanade Iloilo City

Museo Iloilo: Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Iloilo at the Museo Iloilo. Explore the exhibits showcasing the city's heritage, including artifacts, artworks, and historical memorabilia.

Museo de Iloilo

Lapaz Batchoy: Indulge in the famous Ilonggo delicacy, Lapaz Batchoy. Head to La Paz Public Market and savor the flavorful noodle soup that combines delicious ingredients like pork, innards, and crispy garlic.

La Paz Batchoy in Iloilo City

These are just a few of the many remarkable sights Iloilo City has to offer. Take the time to explore and immerse yourself in the city's unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.


Neighborhoods in Iloilo

Iloilo City boasts diverse neighborhoods, each with its own character and charm. Jaro, with its historical significance, is home to the Jaro Cathedral and ancestral houses. Mandurriao is a bustling district housing shopping centers like SM City Iloilo and Festive Walk Mall, as well as modern condominiums. Arevalo offers a tranquil riverside setting and is known for the annual Paraw Regatta Festival. Explore the different neighborhoods and find the one that suits your lifestyle and preferences.


Factors to Consider When Renting in Iloilo

When searching for rental properties in Iloilo, there are several factors to consider.

  1. Define your budget and determine the type of property that suits your needs whether it's an apartment, house, or commercial space
  2. Consider amenities such as parking, security, and proximity to key locations.
  3. Safety and accessibility should also be priorities as you evaluate your options.

Take these factors into account to find the perfect rental property in Iloilo City.


Showcasing the Best Rental Properties

Discover a selection of the best rental properties in Iloilo, designed to cater to various preferences and budgets. Whether you're looking for an apartment for rent in Iloilo, a commercial space for your business, or a house for rent, ISTAR Iloilo has you covered. With a comprehensive range of rental properties, ISTAR Iloilo can help you find the perfect fit for your needs. Visit our website or contact us for personalized assistance. Here are a few examples:


Located near Waterworld Iloilo, this fully furnished apartment offers 2 bedrooms with built-in closets and air conditioning units. It also features a well-equipped kitchen, dining area, living area, hot and cold shower, and a private balcony. Enjoy the convenience of public transportation with easy access to City Proper, Jaro Plaza, SM City Iloilo, and Festive Walk Mall.

Situated near John B Lacson Maritime University in Villa Arevalo, Sajo Plaza and Residences offers fully furnished apartments with 2 bedrooms, providing a comfortable and ready-to-move-in living space. The apartments feature well-furnished kitchen, dining area, and living area, making it an ideal choice for individuals or families seeking convenience and comfort.

 Located in front of Robinsons Jaro, this commercial space on the 4th floor of 402 Arguelles Building offers a total area of 375 square meters. It is suitable for various purposes such as offices, BPO operations, tutorial centers, and more. Benefit from its prime location, excellent visibility, and accessibility.


Experience Hassle-Free Renting with ISTAR Iloilo

At ISTAR Iloilo, we understand the importance of finding the right rental property that truly feels like home or a perfect space for your business. Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional service, assisting you in navigating the rental market in Iloilo City, and ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. Whether you're searching for an apartment, house, or commercial space, ISTAR Iloilo offers a comprehensive selection of properties to suit your needs. Contact us today to find your ideal rental property in Iloilo.


As you embark on your journey to Iloilo City, finding the perfect rental property sets the foundation for a memorable experience. Take the time to explore the city's neighborhoods, consider the important factors that align with your preferences, and discover the best rental properties that suit your needs. Whether you're drawn to the historical charm of Jaro, the bustling energy of Mandurriao, or the riverside tranquility of Arevalo, Iloilo offers a diverse range of options to make your stay truly exceptional.


To further assist you in finding your ideal rental property, ISTAR Iloilo is here to help. Visit our website or contact us for personalized guidance and a wealth of options tailored to your preferences. Explore the best rental properties in Iloilo with ISTAR Iloilo today!